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Testogen Review 2021: Did I Just Find the BEST Testosterone Supplement on the Market?

Many people at the gym ask me what supplements I take to build my muscle mass, to have so much energy doing tons of reps, and to also have the best bedroom experience. Also some people asks whether this or that pill works, which one is the best bang for the buck, etc. Well, I’ll give my detailed answers below, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s the TL;DR in two words: TESTOGEN works! (Disclaimer: only if you buy from my source. I knew many “original” counterfeits.)

TESTOGEN: What It Does

Testogen boosts your testosterone levels. That is really the only thing you need to know about this supplement. Testogen is a professional and long-term working solution for your health and fitness. You see, Testogen is not a one-time only thing. And that, actually, is the great thing about this product. Not only is Testogen an exceptional testosterone booster, but it is a supplement which you can take on a daily basis. Why taking it everyday, you ask? Well, for me, it’s because Testogen is also clinically proven to reduce body fat percentage, improve and maintain muscle mass, and make you lose unwanted weight.

The RISKS: Side Effects and Precautions

I’ve done an extensive research on this and here’s the least that I can say: The assertion that Testogen is a pointless product is UNFOUNDED. It is a SUPER safe and effective supplement. No risks for side effects. Furthermore, in my opinion, the company makes more time and money at the end of the day in the form of great customer satisfaction, that you won’t find anywhere else.

I really enjoy it when a customer leaves me a message thanking me for recommending the product to them. For me, it shows a big change in the mindset from generic competitors. Of course, you can always check with the company themself:

Testogen PR Contact info*:
Phone: 1-888-997-9476
*) I also strongly recommend you to read the interview with Bruce Elias, the one who created the company.

How Testogen Works

Testogen is 100% natural, no additional substance are added to it. Testogen is a simple solution for your testosterone growth in the gym, in the bedroom, and in life. Once you take Testogen in the morning, there will be no need for you to think about taking more supplements for the rest of the day.

To put it bluntly, your testosterone levels will start increasing gradually throughout the day. This will give you an increased supply of energy, the stamina to do more reps at the gym, and increase your libido at the same time. It is arguably the most powerful and effective testosterone supplement on the market.

What can you expect from Testogen?

Over the last years, a lot of people at the gym asked me how they could obtain a lot of muscles, have better sleep, and have more energy to get their kids ready for school in the morning. Basically they wanted a consistent, consistent source of T.

And what do you need to do for this? The main reason for developing Testogen was to provide guys who are interested in growing a lot of muscle (and in my opinion, they could be done by using L-dopa), having an amazing night’s sleep, and also enjoying more time with their kids.

What is the Scientific Evidence for Testogen?

Testogen has been proven to work in the lab with over 2,000 human volunteers and millions of dollars have been invested in development. The T-boosting formula is probably the best blend of ingredients currently on the market. I personally take a bottle of Testogen pre-workout, and/or every morning to give me extra energy and focus.

How to properly take Testogen

Testogen is not the average supplements out there. Testogen consists of a unique combination of ingredients that will be utilized to increase the amount of Testosterone in your body. This can be accomplished through either daily intake of Testogen or if you’re so inclined, through periodic hormone injections (6-12 week period).

Testogen also has an amazing liquid, one pump bottle to swallow. After an hour you can swallow the second dropper, and take 1-2 bottles per day. Just remember: The optimum dose is 1-2 capsules/bottles per day. But, if you are not sure or just cannot stomach the taste, you can go to up to 3 bottles per day. That’s my general rule.

Where I buy my Testogen

With a day job that pays the bills and a wife that doesn’t, going to supply stores and buying my supplements is a luxury for me and luckily I have Testogen website to thank for my fulfillment. And I want to pay them back for making my dream a reality, by sharing my experience with Testogen with other members of the fitness community on Instagram and Facebook.

Check them out, leave your testimonials and maybe even you’ll save some money as well! Now that you’ve read my review of Testogen, do you want to get your free trial now? I mean, sure you do. Check out the link in the first sentence of this article to grab your free trial and get started with the most effective testosterone supplement I know. You’ve earned it, my friend.

Conclusion: Should you use Testogen?

I think if you know and care what you’re doing, you should use TESTOGEN. If not, I think you’re probably just wasting money. That’s why I wouldn’t advise using any product without any scientific study behind it: I want just the right people to buy the right products.

If you’re not a gym rat, have normal or high testosterone, or you just want to try Testogen because it’s cheaper than a T-shot, or any other ridiculous reason, this is NOT a product for you. Seriously, don’t buy it –you will be disappointed. But if you’re not one of these people, then go ahead. You’ll find Testogen a fascinating option for a natural boost of your T.

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